These lamps are made of high quality felt, made of pure wool. Woolfelt is very suitable to use as a lampshade because of its acoustic qualities and the fact that pure wool is inflammable. The material is rough and warm: the glow through the felt is always warm. The roughness helps to give the lamp its form: we don't use a frame.

These handmade lamps combine classic forms with modern details. The bigger ones are perfect to hang in a central place in a room or above the table. Stylish and functional. Because of the shapes, you don't easily look into the bulb.
The smaller lamps are more suited to use as a decorative element, for example above a sidetable or as a bedside lamp. The cords are visually attractive, so you can be creative with it. Of course it's possible to order the lamp with a longer cord.

Lamps are something personal and every space is different. We are open for adjustments to these lamps to fit them perfectly in your room. Different color cords, different color stitchings or felt are possible. And we can even help you with a different size or form it that is what you want.

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  • walllamp 1
    walllamp 1
    € 120,00
  • walllamp 2
    walllamp 2
    € 120,00
  • zigzag
    € 105,00
  • klok
    € 85,00
  • HUB small
    HUB small
    € 85,00
  • HUB big
    HUB big
    € 95,00
  • plum small
    plum small
    € 130,00
  • PLUM small
    PLUM small
    € 130,00
  • plum large
    plum large
    € 150,00
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